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I awoke to the sound of someone pounding on my door, and I shook my head as I looked through the corner of the curtains at the striking orange sky, guessing what time it was. It was then that I realized that wasn't sunrise - those were flames.

[credit:] jessica.elaine @ NaNoWriMo

PLOT: Twin, Triplet or clone?

Something awful happens to MC in the town that she grew up in, [was thinking her twin sister died & she felt this like painful ripping sensation when it happened] so she leaves and treks her way across the country looking for [a new start]. She winds up in [name of place] with nothing but the clothes on her back. It's late one night, she is trying to [find a place to crash] when she thinks she sees [her sister? or if u don't use the sisters death than she sees someone who is her exact identical]. She follows that person who seems to be running to/from something. [crying? scared? depressed?] as she [rounds the corner] the girl/woman turns her direction and she is looking her double in the face. Just then the other girl/woman [commits suicide? is shot/murdered?] before having a chance to talk to her. MC stands there, shocked. However the girl dies, her stuff (ID, wallet, money, etc) is still there. MC snaps out of it, picks up her stuff and [assumes her identity?] Finds out that she was a twin that was separated at birth and both were adopted OR she was a triplet and one was [put up for adoption? kidnapped?] OR she was cloned and there are many lookalikes running around the US.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013



Snie is a skilled ice mage, despite her young age. She has silver hair, pale, snow white skin and wears nothing but a white dress with blue symbols, even when it's cold, because she doesn't feel it and never shows any signs of freezing. Something that you can't say about her enemies because most of her spells turn humans into fragile blocks of ice. If you want to engage her in close combat, she will form a weapon by freezing the air around her hands. Swords, Axes, Lances, you name it, she can fight with every weapon. Also, she can throw knives made of ice after you. If she is really angry, she can cast a devastating snow storm. The nastiest things however are her magic mines. These are almost invisible and if you get too close to one of them, it will explode and freeze everything in the area. Yet she is terrified of fire, because she had a bad experience with it as a child. A scar on her cheek remained ever since. Also she feels uncomfortable at warm temperatures, since she can't use her magic then. But then again, she's quite skilled in fighting with ordinary weapons...

[credit:] vulture @ NaNoWriMo


A serial killer who goes by "The Mask."

His greatest strength is his powers of observation. He stalks someone for a year, then on New Year's Eve he murders them and hides the body. He then impersonates his victim for the next year (or until he gets bored living their life) all the while stalking his next kill. When he moves on, his last victim's family and friends find out about the murder- a year after it happened. As a younger man he made a lot of mistakes, so he thinks that doing this gives him second chances at life.

[credit:] swordtech @ NaNoWriMo

CHARACTER: whisper

Whisper: (Serial killer concept)

She is quite the ball of screwed up. Due to abuse as a child, she has a split personality, Whisper being her dark side that deals with the dregs of this world, her positive half would never be seen as a possible pairing with Whisper. The way she gained the name is that she never speaks above a whisper. Favorite methods of death are modified children's toys. Toy planes that shoot real bullets, exploding dolls, a cricket bat she always has on get the idea.

best part, Whisper knows about her alter, but the positive side does not know about Whisper.

[credit:] William Blackrose @ NaNoWriMo

Sunday, April 21, 2013

WRITING: Summer Romance Contest

[This was an entry into the Summer Romance short story contest on Figment - 1200 words or less]

The moon stood low in the sky, an orange tint covering its surface. As I looked at it, images of random horror movies played in my head and I shivered.
“Are you cold?” a voice asked from the darkness.
“Yeah,” I said, and I wasn’t lying. The temperature had dropped in the last couple of days as the season headed into winter. I turned to Noah and smiled although it was hardly noticeable in the faint moonlight. We were sitting on the front porch of his house, swinging on the wooden bench that hung from overhead.
“What are you thinking about?” I asked, although I was pretty sure I already knew the answer.
It was a second before he spoke. “Jess.”
For a guy as macho as Noah seemed to be, I never thought the tears would come so easily.
“Noah…” I started, not sure what to say. Instead, I searched for his hand and just held it. He squeezed it lightly and then looked at me.
“I just got off the phone with her,” he said. “She never wants to see me again.”
“I’m sorry. I really am.” I could see the pain on his face and I didn’t want to push him, but I wanted him to know that I was his friend. “If you want to talk about it, I’m always here.”
“Thanks. But there’s not a lot to say. She just doesn’t want me anymore.”
“Noah, don’t be so hard on yourself. Two years is a long time. People change. Especially since it’s our senior year of high school. She has a lot to think about. She’s probably just confused. Give her time.”
“What if she doesn’t ever come back?”
“You’ll be fine. Soon you’ll be up and running again. It may take a while for you to get over her. You don’t just stop loving someone, but one day you’ll wake up and her face won’t be the first thing that you see. And you’ll be a better person for getting on with your life. She’ll always be a part you, your first love always is, but you will move on.”
As I sat there and comforted him, I felt like a fraud. I’d realized only days ago that I was in love with him, yet he was forbidden territory because of Jess. Now, there was no Jess, and although it tore me up to see him sad, a little voice in the back of my head was jumping for joy. Right now, though, what Noah really needed was a friend and that’s all I would ever be. He was never going to find out my true feelings.
My own thoughts had run away and it took me a minute to realize he was staring at me.
“What?” I asked. “Is my hair sticking up or something?” I smiled at him and before I knew it he was kissing me and Lord help me, I was kissing him. But then I remembered that less than two weeks ago he’d told me that I was like ‘one of the guys’ and my head snapped back.
“Don’t,” I said to him.
“Cassie…” I’d never heard him say my name that way.
“I don’t want to be your rebound.”
“You’re not,” he denied softly.
“I would be. You know it and I know it. And that’s not fair to me.”
He didn’t speak. Just stared at the ground. So I stood and said goodbye. He looked up as if he were about to say something, then stopped. “Goodbye,” he whispered instead.
At that, I turned and walked to my car almost falling into the seat as my knees buckled. Now my emotions were in crisis mode. I didn’t know what to do. So I simply drove home, changed into a t-shirt and pajama bottoms and laid down. I stayed awake for some time. When sleep finally hit, it was deep and full of dreams of Noah.

* * *

Two days had passed by and still, I hadn’t heard from Noah, which was unusual. So I called him and when he didn’t answer, I left a quick message but he never called back. I decided to stop by his house the next day to see how he was doing. My heart dropped as I turned the corner and saw Jess’s car sitting in his driveway. Without stopping, I passed his house went straight home and cried.

* * *

The summer was almost over before I saw Noah again. I was outside, washing my car when he pulled up behind me. I almost dropped the hose when I saw him step out. He’d gotten his hair cut and looked even cuter than I remembered.
“Hi, Cassie,” he said as he walked up.
“Hi, yourself,” I replied, coolly.
“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you,” he said, fiddling with the keys in his hand.
“That’s not my fault,” I said, already getting defensive.
“I know,” he looked at a loss for words. “Look, I’m sorry I didn’t call, but I didn’t think you’d want to talk to me.”
I threw down the rag in my hand and balked at him. “So you waited this long to come and talk to me?” I was so mad at him for not having tried harder. “If you’d thought of me as a friend, you would have been here sooner.”
“But that was the problem.”
I was confused.
“I don’t think of you as a friend,” he explained.
I could feel my face heat up in anger. “Thank you, Noah, for driving all the way here to tell me that.” I turned and started to walk inside the house.
“I think of you as more than that,” he continued, stopping me in my tracks, my back still facing him. “I realized it the night you were at my house. I’ve wanted to be with you ever since then but I thought you’d be to mad to talk to me.”
I turned my head to the side, but didn’t turn around. “I drove by your house. A couple of days after I saw you last,” I said, coldly. “But Jess was there so I didn’t stay.”
“She’d come over to get some stuff she’d left.”
“Cassie,” he said, coming closer. “I know I messed up, but I want a chance to make it up.”
I finally turned around, but didn’t know what to say. “I don’t know.”
“You know, you were right.”
I looked at him questioningly.
“About me waking one day and not seeing Jess’s face anymore. Now all I see is you,” he smiled.
I almost fell over. “Okay,” I said, pretending like it was no big deal. “But, Noah,” I started as he pulled me to him. “Just don’t wait so long next time to tell me I’m not your friend.”

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CHARACTER TYPE: born human into shape-shifter family

Born human into a family of shape-shifters. This can go many different ways.

MC was treated different up until the day they died. Picked on by others, including their own family members. Dad told them how worthless they were, mom was embarrassed they had no form, older brother teased him around his bigger friends, etc. Then one day, MC dies a horrible death. Does the family care? Feel remorse? Wish he was still alive? Come to find out, MC had to die first for gene to kick in. They shift back to life and.....

  • let them know MC's alive, go back to family and live happily ever after now that they can shift?
  • NOT let them know MC's alive and NOT go back to family, start life all over somewhere else.
  • NOT let them know MC's alive and terrorize anyone who made MC's life hell..
  • let them know and still terrorize them
  • NOT let them know until someone finds out, then MC can go back or not

CHARACTERS: Pack of Eve's wolf-shifter

Male Alpha: 
  • Pure blood, leader.
  • Passed from son to son. Has been challenged 3x for leadership, won all. Had to kill his own father to gain his position. 
  • Fierce & very protective. 
  • Recently moved his pack to get away from new pack that was doing too much damage & not enough subtlety.

Female Alpha:
  • Bitten long ago. 
  • Alpha fell in love with her immediately & took her in. She's been with him ever since. 

Right-Hand Man: (my wolf-boy)
  • Pure blood
  • Got his scars by saving alpha from a fire; almost died.
  • .
  • .

Mother Figure:
  • Pure blood
  • Acts more human than anything. Hates being a wolf & tries to keep it out of her life as much as possible, but is a sucker for a person in need. She'll save first, ask questions later. 
  • Very kind & generous.
  • Acts like a mother although she's very young in looks/personality.

  • Pure blood
  • Very young teen boy. Hyper and annoying, always getting into trouble.

Female New comer:
  • Bitten
  • Was left for dead after being attacked by one of the other gangs. Saved by "mother" & brought into pack. Very creative, noble & inquisitive. Is still learning.
  • Infatuated with Right-Hand (my wolf-boy), so becomes jealous of Eve.

CHARACTER: female species personality

Raised to be a lady, but also trained to fight. Extremely calm & cunning. Easily amused, but tires of things quickly. Humans are just toys to her, but she won't cross that boundary & kill them....intentionally.

BACKSTORY: The First Shapeshifter

Once there was a very powerful witch. upon finding her husband cheating on her with another woman, she turned the man into a snake and he slithered away. Now the witch, taking some pity on the broken-hearted woman, gave her a choice. Did she want to die right then or did she want the witch to make HER a witch with the promise that she would serve her for all of time. The woman chose to become a witch. One day, after searching long and hard, the mistress found the snake and with her new witch powers, turned him human again. However, she didn't get the spell quite right and the man kept shifting from snake to human, until finally he was able to control it. He became the original shape-shifter. They eventually ran away together and had many children. Those were the first pure-blood shape-shifters. The mistress and the husband were never found by the original witch although she searched for them.

* The born do not know what form they will shift into until it happens for the first time. Although, there IS a prophecy of a pure blood shifter born of the full moon with the mark of ______(?) It is said that he, and he alone can shift into ANY form at any time. His blood also happens to be a cure and he is completely immortal.

IDEAS: things to google

  • empath
  • vadatajs
  • kitsune
  • cat mikase

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CHARACTER TYPE: 1/2 Angel + 1/2 Devil ??

??:   Has 2 sides, One good, one evil but can never be both at once. The only way you can tell when its good or bad is by the color of its eyes.

Good version: [purple eyes] Can heal; Has mind control over your thoughts (but will only use for good purposes);

Bad version: [black eyes] Grows claws and fangs when angered; Mind Sucker (sucks all thoughts from your head and gains your knowledge/memory but leaves you a vegetable);



  • They are able to leave their physical body and float around in a shimmery mist.
  • In human form are abnormally beautiful with extremely high intelligence
  • They move quickly and quietly, sometimes so fast its imperceptible to the human eye
  • They are graceful and elegant, almost gliding when they walk
  • Can cast thoughts into your head
  • Because they are so fast, they are very skilled fighters

CHARACTER TYPE: Born from a shooting star

?? :

A human that was born from the air
A shooting star that shot to earth in the form of a meteor/astroid
Can control earth elements


Revnant: Reanimated Human

  • Has control over dead things
  • Can contact the "other side"; ghosts, spirits, etc.
  • Feels the need to sacrifice themselves constantly to save the lives of others


Siren: shape-shifter
  • They can take on the form of a loved one (wife, girlfriend, fiance, etc) to lure them
  • They have limited power over water (ie: can soak someone with a poof! of the hand)
  • Are drawn to water, so are often found in pools, showering, swimming, living by beaches, lakes, etc..
  • Are VERY good singers
  • Not completely immortal, but live to be around 200 years or so. They cannot be killed by man-made things only enchanted items (swords, knives, etc...)
  • Some are known to sleep with a man just to impregnate themselves before killing him


  • Can climb walls & on the ceiling
  • Jumps extremely high & far
  • Can create webbing
  • Poisonous fangs come out when threatened or angry


Puppeteer: Can control people's movements

  • If they do it from their own body, the mortal is still fully alert, just can't take control
  • If they jump into the body, then they take complete control & the mortal remembers nothing.


  • Can tell the future
  • Lets out a piercing scream when they predict death
  • When threatened, they grow talons/claws

CHARACTER TYPE: malevolent spirit

Malevolent Spirit: Ghost
  • Can disappear, walk through walls
  • Can decide who can see them and who can't
  • When they make themselves visible to someone they become corporeal
  • They're very tricky & misleading


Bone Demon: has control over bones
  • eats bones to gain more power
  • manipulates own bones & structure, can self heal if wound is bone related
  • can control others bones & when strong enough can heal others wounds if bone related


Were-cat: shifts into black panther (lion or Bengal tiger, too?)
  • hates water
  • strong w/advanced eye sight, hearing & sense of smell
  • speedy, almost unnoticeable reflexes

CHARACTER: baby left in tree trunk

name: ?

Backstory:  [Modern Day] Both parents were visibly supernatural & could never fit in anywhere. When wife found out she was pregnant, husband built a cabin/house deep in the forest so they could live a peaceful life. Human found them in woods (you decide how) and brought back a small group of other humans who attack the home. Mother grabs baby & runs for her life as the father (dies? captured?) defending the attackers. Mother hid the baby in the heart of a hollowed out tree. Humans caught up to her and (killed? captured?) her. Didn't know about the baby so they left without looking for it. Baby was found by ......... (the rest is open)

CHARACTER: tween abandoned by guardian

Name: ?
Age: ?

Backstory: A man and woman in a clan (of whichever species you make them) were both pre-arranged to be married to other people. This is how it was in their culture. But being deeply in love with each other, and not wanting to marry their chosen partners, ran away together. They were immediately known as deserters and left themselves open to a life of hiding, as it was only a matter of time before they were hunted down and killed as punishment for breaking the traditions. They managed to escape for a few years and in that time the woman got pregnant and had a baby. When the MC (baby) was 2 years old, its parents were found & killed and they were hidden with a trusted human friend. Everything was fine until MC turned 13 and horns? (open for anything) started to appear. This made it impossible for to keep the MC's identity secret. Fearing for their own safety, MC's guardian ditched them during a "family outting" and MC has been on their own ever since.

CHARACTER : My Immortals

Name: ?
Age: ?
Story: Grandmother took MC from her mother when she was an infant to give her a somewhat normal life (away from magic). The granny raised MC to think that her parents had both died when she was a baby and granny was the only family left to take her in. Never told her that her mother or father had powers or the truth about any of her family background. Only thing she has is a pendant (talisman?) that was her mother's. The granny owns a Bed & Breakfast, which MC has helped run since she was old enough. MC always felt different but never knew why. Strange things would happen to her as she was growing up (depending on what powers you decide to give her) that she never told anyone about or they'd think she was crazy.  MC somehow finds out her mother is alive and runs away to find her. These things can happen:
  • Mother is awful & MC goes back to Grandmother
  • Mother is great & MC stays, finally happy with who she is & her place in life.
  • Never finds anyone. Either goes back to Grandmother or starts life over.

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CHARACTER: Maureen (Mo) Hadley

Maureen (Mo) Hadley - 34

Medium-sized curvy blond with big eyes and an even bigger smile. She married her high-school sweetheart who happened to be the quarterback of the football team, Everyone thought he was going to make it big until he hyper-extended his knee, putting an end to his football career along with Maureen's dreams of becoming the coveted trophy wife. They stayed in town, and he took over at his father's car dealership, still giving them a decent life but still not the one she expected. Always perfectly made up and color coordinated, there was a hint of longing behind her plastered on smile. Due to an unfortunate need to have a hysterectomy at an early age, she can no longer have children and tries to make up for that by keeping herself as busy as possible within the community. She's a huge social flower and knows everyone and everything that goes on in the town.

I originally thought of her to help a fellow NaNoer out, but they will be making significant changes, if even using her at all, so she's still available for anyone else!

WRITING: Eve's kidnapping

2:05 pm
It was raining. One of those hard steady rains that soaks you to the bone. The man stood patiently on the sidewalk among the other parents and guardians waiting to pick up their children. He wore jeans and a t-shirt with a waterproof hoodie and carried a medium sized black umbrella, for all the help it did. The wind was strong, spraying him sideways with drops of cold water. The mechanical ding of the afternoon bell could be heard over the loud speakers, announcing the end of the school day at Beachside Elementary. Classroom doors swung open and a mass of children raced into the hallways each headed toward some unknown destination. The man looked around, surfing through the crowd for an open opportunity. That one, he thought, spying a red-headed girl whose back was facing him. He started in that direction, when she suddenly turned and ran toward a woman calling her name. He swiftly turned around. Realizing he was now too close to the inside of the school, he backed off and changed his direction, toward the opposite side where the playground and sports complex sat. A few stragglers were running between the open gates, trying to dodge the rain as it fell, but none of them held his attention. Ignoring them, he made his way further into the back of the school, and that’s when he saw her. A lone girl. Maybe nine or ten, standing with her bike held up against a small concrete building, perhaps the bathroom for the open concession stand. She looked like she was trying to escape the weather by standing under what little rim the building offered, but it wasn’t doing much good. She was drenched and shaking, and didn’t seem to be going anywhere. She was perfection and he had to have her.
He joined her, offering up the umbrella as a conversation starter. “Here,” he said. “This may help some.”
She looked up at him, big green eyes red-rimmed and scared. “Aww, sweety. What’s wrong? Why are you out here all alone?”
She pointed to her bike. “The front wheel is flat. I don’t want to leave the bike here or my mom will get mad if someone steals it.”
“You hold this,” he handed her the umbrella. “And I’ll take a look at it.” He bent down, rain pounding on his back and took hold of the tire. When he stood back up, he nodded. “Yep. It looks like you have a piece of glass bottle stuck in it. It’s letting all the air out.”
Her face scrunched up and she started to cry again. “I can give you a ride if you need me to take you somewhere.”
She didn’t know how to respond. Her mother always told her never to talk to strangers, but it was wet and cold and he seemed really nice.
“I don’t know,” she said, unsure of what to do.
“It’s okay. I was just here waiting to pick up my brother, Josh, from little league.”
“Josh?” the girl, asked, recognition filling her face. “Joshua Loman?”
“Yeah,” the man said, going along with it. “But I wouldn’t want to go with a stranger, either. You’re a smart girl.” He turned around, as if he was going to leave when a flash of lightning hit the sky and seconds later thunder came booming down around them.
Her eyes widened and she called after him. “Wait!” She had made her decision. “I guess if your Josh’s brother, you can’t be all bad.”
He smiled. “Come on. Let’s get your bike into the truck and I’ll give you a lift. If you were riding your bike you can’t be very far from here?”
“Just a couple of blocks over,” she admitted. “I always go straight home after school so my mother doesn’t worry.” She was much more relaxed now, thinking he was the nice big brother of her friend from school, and they almost ran to escape the rain, her holding the umbrella as he swiftly pushed the bike by its handles.
    They scurried back out into the parking lot where there were still a few people roaming about, everyone seemingly too preoccupied with their own doings to notice a little blond girl voluntarily getting into a big black F-250. He hurtled the small bike into the bed and clicked the unlock button on the key remote. She pulled herself up into the seat and pulled the door closed. As it clicked shut, she turned to put on her seatbelt. Her mom always taught her safety first. Before she knew what was happening, the man forced a sweet smelling cloth over her nose and mouth. She jerked her head back and forth, but that only made him press down harder. A woozy sensation washed over her as her hearing started to fade out and within seconds she was unconscious.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

PLOT: witness turned victim

You witness an abduction/killing in progress. You call 911, but decide to try to keep up with them until the police can step in. Manage to help catch the guy. Now, "x" amount of years later, the killer has been released/escaped from prison and you are number one on his new "To Do:" list.

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Everything was white. As in blinding, flash, entire world of emptiness white, the way dreams are sometimes. And then, suddenly, it was like there was a small window in the white that showed a black storm zooming in and in.

[credit:] steelblue71 @NaNoWriMo

CHARACTER: twin sisters Pepper & Bee

Name: Penelope Cotton
Nickname: Pepper
Age: 14-15
Personality: Pepper is sweet, friendly and immature. She's very idealistic and expects the world to be fair. She's the older twin, but she is treated like a baby most of the time. She loves art, especially sculpting. Pepper also enjoys cooking, which she is spectacularly bad at, and has a penchant for adding far too much spice. She's a little naive and relies on her sister for a lot of things.
Appearance: Pepper has shoulder-length curly blond hair and blue eyes. She's about 5"5 and wears bright colors with paint-splattered jeans and is almost always smiling.

Name: Beatrice Cotton
Nickname: Bee (family only)
Age: 14-15
Personality: Beatrice is the responsible twin. She's a little resentful of Pepper for needing so much looking after and making friends so easily. Beatrice struggles to trust people, loves jazz music, and gets reasonable grades without doing much studying. She mostly focuses on looking after other people, and always thinks things through.
Appearance: Beatrice has short curly blond hair which is always tied in an inch-long ponytail, a heart-shaped face and blue eyes. She loves skinny jeans.

History: When they were two, their mother left to travel the world. Their father was heartbroken. Growing up, their aunt (their mother's sister) was their mother figure. Recently their father has started dating again, which Pepper and Beatrice are not happy about.

[Credit:]  StrawberryFields@NaNoWriMo

Friday, April 12, 2013

SYNOPSIS: Storyline 1 - Eve

I have been looking for a very long time for a main back story that allowed me to have a variety of fantasy "beings" (for lack of a better term) in a modern day world. However, as the final outcome is going to be based on a combination of several different story lines I need help bringing everything together. I have so many aspects of this world that I highly doubt it'll be contained to one "novel", but I plan on branching it out into a series of events that end in an ultimate showdown with the Big Bad (ie: the Demon King). The whole basis starts with him in the very beginning and weaves its way through various other characters (some human, some not so much) and ultimately ends with either his resurrection or his permanent fatality.

[credit:] Dervish98 @ NaNoWriMo for creating the actual Demon King.
Just to give you a basic idea, mine is in a world where everything & its brother exists unknown to humans. So there is a lot of fantasy potential but in a mostly modern setting. I will have a ton of stories going on that will eventually come together when they're against the Big Bad, so to speak. Right now, I'm focusing on the first main character's story. (A millennium ago, 4 powerful supernatural humans (the Elders?) united to defeat a Demon King. They couldn't ultimately defeat him, but they were able to contain him. Now its present day and one of the Demon's immortal lackeys has been searching for a way to bring him back. [[I was thinking maybe the demon would be a body jumper: his soul can live forever as long as he escapes the human body he chooses before it dies or he'd be trapped in death]] 4 Descendants of the (Elders) hold the key. Each has a (talisman?) that as long as they stay separated, the Demon King will be "contained". But if the four are combined, it will release him into the world again. So the demon, upon finally discovering this, is after the 4 descendants to kill and take each of their (talismans?) So now, I'm back to present day and the telling of each individual descendants story.

I'm starting with Eve. She lives in Daytona Beach, is studying to become a vet and is actually working as a Vet's assistant at the Beach Walk Vet Clinic. When she was 5(ish) she was kidnapped but was saved/escaped(?) and returned to her home. [[she is going to somehow be saved by a wolf which actually ends up being a human shape-shifter who has been watching her since she was born]] She doesn't remember much about what happened and the doctors said she may never regain memories of the traumatic event. They never caught the guy, but its been years and now she's grown up. One day, she bumps/runs(?) into someone and something about their scent triggers a flashback of when she was kidnapped and she knows without a shadow of a doubt that this person was her kidnapper. But whoever it is either doesn't recognize her because it's been so long OR doesn't realize she suddenly remembers. At this point, I'm going to bring the wolf back into her life [[I was thinking either someone could hit it with their car and bring it into the vets clinic where she is and she has to take care of it or she, herself, hits it one night in a situation. There's just something about it's eyes that catches her and she ends up bringing it home to tend to, obviously not knowing that its human(?).]]  So now, wolf-boy needs to be introduced into her story somehow without her yet knowing that wolf and man are one and the same. ALSO, here's another kicker: she is a healer. But she hasn't come into her powers yet, doesn't even know she has them, so those will have to start coming into play soon, also. 

Now, we've come full circle to where she recognizes her kidnapper and the wolf is now actively in her life as a human, instead of watching from the sidelines like he has been. 

[sidenote:] Her best friend & roommate is a bartender at a bar/club down the street from their house. They are staying in a beach house that is actually Eve’s parent’s vacation home, but since she is attending that college, she & her best friend, Ryssa Grannan, are living there in the interim. There is a bouncer, Scott Peterson who comes into play also. He is very close with both girls & is protective of them. I was thinking he had a thing for Eve who also comes in all the time to see Ryssa. Ryssa is tall, tan with short super straight reddish/black hair. She's a do what she wants, say how she feels whether you like it or not type. Knows how to work a crowd and all the guys LOVE her. She's flirty and adventurous. Scott is more of your hometown country boy. He was raised on a farm in a horse town a couple of cities over. He's not overtly tall, but what he lacks in height he more than makes up for in muscle mass. He always wears a cowboy hat & boots and when he's not wearing the official bouncer t-shirt, he wears a long sleeve button up tucked into his skin tight wranglers. He drives a beat up truck and Ryssa drives a Mitsubishi eclipse. Besides the wolf-man, those are the only two solid characters I have. I need to have one or two more humans as well as fantasy characters that can help her along the way, too.