The main intent of this blog WAS to try to create a place to keep all my ideas easily accessible. There are some people who can sit down and write continuously... the ideas easily flow from their mind straight to their fingers and into a story. For the record, I am not one of those people. The only way I can write efficiently is to keep a collection of anything and everything that works its way into my brain. I then take those millions of bits & pieces and create one solid idea. 

When my rotty/lab, Snooki, ate my notebook, I decided I needed a better way to keep track of everything. 

HOWEVER, as of recently (May 2013) I have spent too much time scouring the internet for inspiration and finding nothing but the same bland elements again and again...... never finding what I'm truly looking for. And that is full blown IDEAS. Some people get all haughty and make statements like, "if you can't think of anything yourself then you shouldn't write at all," and I think that's a load of B.S. Some people (like me) have the ability to write well if a situation is already there for me. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I can never come up with my own ideas, but I will admit that they lack a certain spark of originality. And a lot of times when I get well into a story my mind goes off on a tangent and I luck out with a brilliant idea. But there are so many people out there with these brilliant ideas already sitting in their brilliant little heads that either CAN'T write worth a pooh or just don't have the inclination to. So why should all those people and places and things go to waste?? Isn't it our responsibility, as writers, to bring their ideas to life? ... so, in saying this, I want to start a site that allows us as writers to take advantage of the ideas that these wonderfully creative souls have to offer in our times of need. 

I BEG YOU, if you have anything in your head that is dying to make its way onto the written page, please please feel free to somehow let me know what said idea is until I can create a format that is user friendly to anyone who wants to contribute. For right now, simply email me: breezybealle@gmail.com with your idea, and if you want credit I will gladly link you if you leave your name or site address. I don't care if it's a starting prompt, paragraph, character sketch, environment, etc... For those of you who are involved in NaNoWriMo, think of it as a website fully devoted to anything "Adoptable"... 

For right now, I've labeled everything as best I could as far as what each idea is. Whether it's a full blown plot, a baby plot (usually just a one-liner), a fully detailed character, a character idea, a definition of a word that caught my fancy, an environment, etc.... All these things will be broken up into various posts.

On that note, PLEASE feel free to leave comments. The whole point of this is for added feedback and to generate new ideas to help my stories advance. I am not adverse to criticism as long as it is helpful, professional and not just childishly insulting.