Thursday, April 18, 2013

CHARACTER: tween abandoned by guardian

Name: ?
Age: ?

Backstory: A man and woman in a clan (of whichever species you make them) were both pre-arranged to be married to other people. This is how it was in their culture. But being deeply in love with each other, and not wanting to marry their chosen partners, ran away together. They were immediately known as deserters and left themselves open to a life of hiding, as it was only a matter of time before they were hunted down and killed as punishment for breaking the traditions. They managed to escape for a few years and in that time the woman got pregnant and had a baby. When the MC (baby) was 2 years old, its parents were found & killed and they were hidden with a trusted human friend. Everything was fine until MC turned 13 and horns? (open for anything) started to appear. This made it impossible for to keep the MC's identity secret. Fearing for their own safety, MC's guardian ditched them during a "family outting" and MC has been on their own ever since.

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