Thursday, April 18, 2013

CHARACTER : My Immortals

Name: ?
Age: ?
Story: Grandmother took MC from her mother when she was an infant to give her a somewhat normal life (away from magic). The granny raised MC to think that her parents had both died when she was a baby and granny was the only family left to take her in. Never told her that her mother or father had powers or the truth about any of her family background. Only thing she has is a pendant (talisman?) that was her mother's. The granny owns a Bed & Breakfast, which MC has helped run since she was old enough. MC always felt different but never knew why. Strange things would happen to her as she was growing up (depending on what powers you decide to give her) that she never told anyone about or they'd think she was crazy.  MC somehow finds out her mother is alive and runs away to find her. These things can happen:
  • Mother is awful & MC goes back to Grandmother
  • Mother is great & MC stays, finally happy with who she is & her place in life.
  • Never finds anyone. Either goes back to Grandmother or starts life over.

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