Friday, April 19, 2013

CHARACTER TYPE: born human into shape-shifter family

Born human into a family of shape-shifters. This can go many different ways.

MC was treated different up until the day they died. Picked on by others, including their own family members. Dad told them how worthless they were, mom was embarrassed they had no form, older brother teased him around his bigger friends, etc. Then one day, MC dies a horrible death. Does the family care? Feel remorse? Wish he was still alive? Come to find out, MC had to die first for gene to kick in. They shift back to life and.....

  • let them know MC's alive, go back to family and live happily ever after now that they can shift?
  • NOT let them know MC's alive and NOT go back to family, start life all over somewhere else.
  • NOT let them know MC's alive and terrorize anyone who made MC's life hell..
  • let them know and still terrorize them
  • NOT let them know until someone finds out, then MC can go back or not

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