Friday, April 19, 2013

CHARACTERS: Pack of Eve's wolf-shifter

Male Alpha: 
  • Pure blood, leader.
  • Passed from son to son. Has been challenged 3x for leadership, won all. Had to kill his own father to gain his position. 
  • Fierce & very protective. 
  • Recently moved his pack to get away from new pack that was doing too much damage & not enough subtlety.

Female Alpha:
  • Bitten long ago. 
  • Alpha fell in love with her immediately & took her in. She's been with him ever since. 

Right-Hand Man: (my wolf-boy)
  • Pure blood
  • Got his scars by saving alpha from a fire; almost died.
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Mother Figure:
  • Pure blood
  • Acts more human than anything. Hates being a wolf & tries to keep it out of her life as much as possible, but is a sucker for a person in need. She'll save first, ask questions later. 
  • Very kind & generous.
  • Acts like a mother although she's very young in looks/personality.

  • Pure blood
  • Very young teen boy. Hyper and annoying, always getting into trouble.

Female New comer:
  • Bitten
  • Was left for dead after being attacked by one of the other gangs. Saved by "mother" & brought into pack. Very creative, noble & inquisitive. Is still learning.
  • Infatuated with Right-Hand (my wolf-boy), so becomes jealous of Eve.

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