Friday, April 12, 2013

SYNOPSIS: Storyline 1 - Eve

I have been looking for a very long time for a main back story that allowed me to have a variety of fantasy "beings" (for lack of a better term) in a modern day world. However, as the final outcome is going to be based on a combination of several different story lines I need help bringing everything together. I have so many aspects of this world that I highly doubt it'll be contained to one "novel", but I plan on branching it out into a series of events that end in an ultimate showdown with the Big Bad (ie: the Demon King). The whole basis starts with him in the very beginning and weaves its way through various other characters (some human, some not so much) and ultimately ends with either his resurrection or his permanent fatality.

[credit:] Dervish98 @ NaNoWriMo for creating the actual Demon King.
Just to give you a basic idea, mine is in a world where everything & its brother exists unknown to humans. So there is a lot of fantasy potential but in a mostly modern setting. I will have a ton of stories going on that will eventually come together when they're against the Big Bad, so to speak. Right now, I'm focusing on the first main character's story. (A millennium ago, 4 powerful supernatural humans (the Elders?) united to defeat a Demon King. They couldn't ultimately defeat him, but they were able to contain him. Now its present day and one of the Demon's immortal lackeys has been searching for a way to bring him back. [[I was thinking maybe the demon would be a body jumper: his soul can live forever as long as he escapes the human body he chooses before it dies or he'd be trapped in death]] 4 Descendants of the (Elders) hold the key. Each has a (talisman?) that as long as they stay separated, the Demon King will be "contained". But if the four are combined, it will release him into the world again. So the demon, upon finally discovering this, is after the 4 descendants to kill and take each of their (talismans?) So now, I'm back to present day and the telling of each individual descendants story.

I'm starting with Eve. She lives in Daytona Beach, is studying to become a vet and is actually working as a Vet's assistant at the Beach Walk Vet Clinic. When she was 5(ish) she was kidnapped but was saved/escaped(?) and returned to her home. [[she is going to somehow be saved by a wolf which actually ends up being a human shape-shifter who has been watching her since she was born]] She doesn't remember much about what happened and the doctors said she may never regain memories of the traumatic event. They never caught the guy, but its been years and now she's grown up. One day, she bumps/runs(?) into someone and something about their scent triggers a flashback of when she was kidnapped and she knows without a shadow of a doubt that this person was her kidnapper. But whoever it is either doesn't recognize her because it's been so long OR doesn't realize she suddenly remembers. At this point, I'm going to bring the wolf back into her life [[I was thinking either someone could hit it with their car and bring it into the vets clinic where she is and she has to take care of it or she, herself, hits it one night in a situation. There's just something about it's eyes that catches her and she ends up bringing it home to tend to, obviously not knowing that its human(?).]]  So now, wolf-boy needs to be introduced into her story somehow without her yet knowing that wolf and man are one and the same. ALSO, here's another kicker: she is a healer. But she hasn't come into her powers yet, doesn't even know she has them, so those will have to start coming into play soon, also. 

Now, we've come full circle to where she recognizes her kidnapper and the wolf is now actively in her life as a human, instead of watching from the sidelines like he has been. 

[sidenote:] Her best friend & roommate is a bartender at a bar/club down the street from their house. They are staying in a beach house that is actually Eve’s parent’s vacation home, but since she is attending that college, she & her best friend, Ryssa Grannan, are living there in the interim. There is a bouncer, Scott Peterson who comes into play also. He is very close with both girls & is protective of them. I was thinking he had a thing for Eve who also comes in all the time to see Ryssa. Ryssa is tall, tan with short super straight reddish/black hair. She's a do what she wants, say how she feels whether you like it or not type. Knows how to work a crowd and all the guys LOVE her. She's flirty and adventurous. Scott is more of your hometown country boy. He was raised on a farm in a horse town a couple of cities over. He's not overtly tall, but what he lacks in height he more than makes up for in muscle mass. He always wears a cowboy hat & boots and when he's not wearing the official bouncer t-shirt, he wears a long sleeve button up tucked into his skin tight wranglers. He drives a beat up truck and Ryssa drives a Mitsubishi eclipse. Besides the wolf-man, those are the only two solid characters I have. I need to have one or two more humans as well as fantasy characters that can help her along the way, too.

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