Tuesday, April 23, 2013



Snie is a skilled ice mage, despite her young age. She has silver hair, pale, snow white skin and wears nothing but a white dress with blue symbols, even when it's cold, because she doesn't feel it and never shows any signs of freezing. Something that you can't say about her enemies because most of her spells turn humans into fragile blocks of ice. If you want to engage her in close combat, she will form a weapon by freezing the air around her hands. Swords, Axes, Lances, you name it, she can fight with every weapon. Also, she can throw knives made of ice after you. If she is really angry, she can cast a devastating snow storm. The nastiest things however are her magic mines. These are almost invisible and if you get too close to one of them, it will explode and freeze everything in the area. Yet she is terrified of fire, because she had a bad experience with it as a child. A scar on her cheek remained ever since. Also she feels uncomfortable at warm temperatures, since she can't use her magic then. But then again, she's quite skilled in fighting with ordinary weapons...

[credit:] vulture @ NaNoWriMo

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