Thursday, April 25, 2013

PLOT: Twin, Triplet or clone?

Something awful happens to MC in the town that she grew up in, [was thinking her twin sister died & she felt this like painful ripping sensation when it happened] so she leaves and treks her way across the country looking for [a new start]. She winds up in [name of place] with nothing but the clothes on her back. It's late one night, she is trying to [find a place to crash] when she thinks she sees [her sister? or if u don't use the sisters death than she sees someone who is her exact identical]. She follows that person who seems to be running to/from something. [crying? scared? depressed?] as she [rounds the corner] the girl/woman turns her direction and she is looking her double in the face. Just then the other girl/woman [commits suicide? is shot/murdered?] before having a chance to talk to her. MC stands there, shocked. However the girl dies, her stuff (ID, wallet, money, etc) is still there. MC snaps out of it, picks up her stuff and [assumes her identity?] Finds out that she was a twin that was separated at birth and both were adopted OR she was a triplet and one was [put up for adoption? kidnapped?] OR she was cloned and there are many lookalikes running around the US.

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