Monday, April 1, 2013

PLOT: waitress gets job

A waitress stuck at job she hates ends up with a rather nice group of Brazilians in her station. They keep her busy but leave a great tip. After they leave she finds another $20 and a business card for a VP of a Cargo company. On the back of the card is a quick note thanking the waitress for the great help and to give him a call if she ever needs a new job...

there's the obvious Horror story version of this,

theres the Romance version where the card leads to a better job and meeting the love of her life,

there's the supernatural version where the cargo being shipped are demons being sent back to hell by way of magic door (and the job is less of a receptionist variety and more of a fetcher of demons)...

[credit]: NyssaM @ NaNoWriMo

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