Wednesday, April 3, 2013

PLOT: Camp NaNoWriMo!!

A millennium ago there was an evil demon King who ruled the continent. A band of humans who were very powerful magicians (I'm thinking something along the lines of calling them the Elders and there being 4 of them, each one representing a specific element; Earth, Air, Water, Fire) assaulted the King's Citadel in a last desperate attempt to save/free themselves. He is too strong to completely defeat, but they are powerful enough to "contain" (?) the King and his forces. Just before the inner fortress of the King is penetrated, he tells his second-in-command (?) that one day when the world is weak to search for a power that can resurrect the King. The demon somehow (?) escapes. The magicians finally battle the King and are able to do whatever it is that they do to him.

In the now present world, magic exists and it is all over the place, we just don't know about it. I am thinking that there are going to be 4 main good characters, each descendants of the 4 elemental Elders. They do not know who or what they are and have not come into their own powers yet. I don't know if they are each going to have specific powers or if it should be that they all have a little bit of everything (?)

My idea is that the key to the Kings resurrection lies within a talisman (?) of some sort that his essence was contained within and has been hidden for centuries. Now that it's time, the demon character has spent years searching for the talisman (or whatever). I don't know whether this demon was the Kings second-in-command or if I should make it possibly his son/daughter who was immortal (I could make him/her a body jumper so that their soul has lived this entire time but only because they've jumped from body to body, they can't live forever in their own skin, they have to take over the body of something living and cannot stay in it once it's dead, hence the having to find another body before it's time is up).

For the time in-between, the "good" beings of the fantasy world are now tracking down the descendants of the elders bc they are the only ones strong enough to protect the talisman (or whatever) and the demon is close to finding it.

So here's a couple of things I need to start off with:

* How was the King contained originally and where has "it" been all this time?? Was it a talisman or a group of talismans that combined resurrects him...maybe that has been passed from generation to generation and they each have one? Or something else entirely?
* I need a story behind the demonic immortal - ie; who or what it is and how it's managed to live this entire time. Does it know WHO each of the descendants are or does he/she have to figure that out too?
* I need background stories for each of the 4 descendants. I think I'm going to make 4 separate tales describing how they come into finding out who each one of them is.... OR ... do I combine all 4 stories into one novel, just switching back from character to character until they all intertwine??
* What is the final stand down? What happens to the "talisman" at the end?

[credit:] Dervish98 @ NaNoWriMo + me (this one started with his idea and blossomed from there)

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