Friday, April 5, 2013

CHARACTER(s): brother & sister

Chrystoph Bealenour
Female, 15
Long blonde hair kept in a braid, somewhat tanned skin, brown eyes
Fit, about 4' 00", quiet, strong, observant, and stubborn.
In my story, she was subjected to genetic experimentation which gave her large bird wings, but you can take either version of her.

Jacobi Bealenour
Male, 8
Spiky brown hair, pale skin, blue eyes
Slim but not particularly muscled, about 3' 5", innocent, measured, crafty, and tough.
Chrystoph takes care of him like a mother- if you've read Maximum Ride, the relationship between them is a lot like that. In my story, he broke Chrystoph out of the science lab after she'd been captured, which left him with scars on his left arm and torso.

[credit:] prongsiepotter@ NaNoWriMo

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