Friday, April 5, 2013


Name: Joey (last name unknown)
Age: 18
Apparent Age: 16
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140#
Build: Thin but muscular, basically swimmer's build
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Features: Gold lip-ring

Joey has recently been outed as gay to his stepfather, and as a result, was brutally attacked by both his stepfather and older stepbrother, Tonio. (The stepfather is never actually introduced in the course of the storyline.) Following the attack, he moved his belongings from his stepfather's house and disappeared. At this time (that he knows of) he has no living family -- his mother died a year prior to the attack and he has no memories of any further family on either side. He's been living on the streets of Tucson ever since.

While living on the streets has inspired a rougher, "I can take on the world" mentality, he has a softer side. Too, due to the abuse he suffered, he's relentless when it comes to people -- especially small children -- being abused, and while he may not look it, he's taught himself to be more than capable at taking down a bigger target using any moves (fair or foul) at his disposal when he feels someone's life or safety is at stake. In rough fights, he carries something he calls a Smiley, a bandanna tied to a padlock, which he's more or less proficient at.

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