Monday, April 1, 2013

PLOT: cupid loses belief in love

FMC is a cupid that doesn’t believe in love. Actually, she just doesn’t believe real love exists anymore. After watching arrow-struck people cheat on each other despite confessing their love FMC has become so jaded to the idea of love she feels it’s about as real as unicorns. Which, as a cupid, is about as sacrilegious as breaking someone’s wings off or shooting a donkey and a human. FMC feels that her job is useless, that cupid arrows only hurt people and just give them false illusions of a very shallow love, and decides to go to the Big Boss (Aphrodite) and give up the bow. FMC does this knowing fully well that there are very few options for ex-cupid, especially those as young as her (1,800 years). Though as the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite loves all of her “little messengers” and doesn’t want any of them to give up on love or the bow, so she devises a final task for FMC to complete before she will let her quit. FMC must go to Earth for three months and interact with the humans like one of them, and while on Earth she must actively search for an example of what FMC calls ‘Unicorn Love’. If she finds it during the three month period then she will return to her job as a cupid (with a few additional perks), but if she doesn’t she is free to quit her job and do with her existence as she pleases. Not seeing much of a downside to this arrangement FMC agrees to Aphrodite’s conditions. Of course, FMC never planned on getting unceremoniously in the middle of Manhattan with nothing besides a backpack of clothes, a wallet with two hundred bucks in it, identification saying she was [Alias], and no way to contact the people upstairs. FMC must find a way to survive the three months on Earth while attempting to find that elusive Unicorn Love. Since after all, there are punishments if she doesn’t attempt her task.

[credit:] HerNameIsAlyss @ NaNoWriMo

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