Wednesday, April 3, 2013

PLOT: reincarnate of murder victim

FMC1 was in an asylum for 10yrs? At age 6/8 she was put in because she kept seeing a ghost who looked like her grown up. At 16/18 she gets out (and even though she's still seeing the ghost she's managed to convince people she's better). She starts a new school and meets bad boy/rebel MC2. FMC1 also keeps having these dreams about a young man & woman who were in love. She finds out that the woman in her dreams was murdered and the killer was never found. Come to find out, FMC1 and MC2 were both the reincarnates of the murdered woman and her "love". (maybe he killed himself after her murder?) Her "ghost" was the reincarnate of herself. She has to find out who originally killed her because the killer somehow knows who she really is and is going to kill her again.

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