Monday, April 1, 2013

PLOT: Neko, the cat boy?

This story idea is beyond my fix and can't escape my mind. I have this thing with making a cat boy (known as Neko boy in Japanese anime) into a superhero.

Here are the story details incase you need" story inspiration. There is three versions of the story:

Version #1 - (His name is Bram) His parents (Macey + Cameron) have been divorce for five-six years. And he has been seperated from his older brother (Brodie) for that long. For the past three years he has been traveling with his mother and boyfriend (Hans). While visiting the ruins of their traveling destinations. Bram accidently breaks an ancient artifact blowing purple mist around him. That same day he gets into trouble in the island and gets nearly killed. Macey, sick of him getting into trouble, decides to send him to live with his father. The night before he leaves a native girl (Tashi- daughter of his mother's friend) interrogates him on the roof about the broken artifact and he denies ever touching it. Then he is sent to his dad's city. Where he finds out his brother is away in college, dad is a detective/journalist, and (this just came to me) is dating a woman who is secretly a villian. He goes to a public school for the first time after years of homeschool. Meets an uninterested in being his GF girl and other friends. But he also makes enemies. Days pass and he experiences changes. These changes are causing him to change into what Japanese anime calls a Neko boy. And right on time to save him Tashi arrives. She confronted him one more time about the artifact and he confessed. Turns out the artifact was suppose to be somewhat of a guardian for the people and it contains a curse for who ever breaks it. Fashion decides to stay with him in that city to help him and (just came to me) partially because she thinks she loves him. She broke an artifact when she was younger along with her older sister (Talis)
She is either given the bird or wolf form which allows her to turn into that animal fully or partially. Talis is evil and though she is told the reason why her sister is staying with him is because she wants to experience different surroundings she suspects he is the one who broke the artifact. Being previously banned from her hometown for becoming a bounty hunter/assassin she wants to hunt him down if he is now a werecat/neko/cat boy. Fashion and Bean become superheroes in their city when evil scientist and mutated with superpowers villians take a toll on the city.

This was version #1. I have more to say on it but just message me if you get stuck or want more info.

Version #2 - can be a sequel to number one if you alter it a little. MMC1 is a journalist/potographer working for the city paper. He has recently moved from his parent(s) city about a year ago. While photographing the city buildings for a piece on the news paper (on the roof). A woman flies over to him and floats infront of him saying she needs his help. She collaspses infringement of him and wakes up in the hospital. He visits her to see if she is okay (having not told she was flying for her privacy's sake). And discovers they know eachother (but he doesn't remember). After her begging he decides to let her stay with him. (I'll make the rest up as I go) She is a part of this hero alliance called The Ultimates and the rest of her team are missing or dead. Before all this MMC1 had been walking home from a restuarant that he ordered a sandwhich to go in when he stops to tie his shoes, having put down his bag down and not watching it a brave cat steals it and walks into the alley. Not wanting to waste it (being his cheap self) he follows. There he finds an injured, supposedly dying man, and calls the cops. The man tells him he is sad he has not learned his lesson and he will now be curse. Which he still doesn't get after the ambulance takes him until he wakes up the next day a cat boy. Now there either could be a past bad experience with cats in which he should of learned a lesson from or this could be Bean getting back his powers after losing them in the last version. And the girl could be a changed Tashi who before the beginning of the story he hasn't heard from in a while. Anyways, The woman that fell needs MMC1's help.

Version #3 : Could be a trilogy? Lol. No it doesn't have to be. The M/FMC could be Bram's and either Fashion/girl from book one/another woman's son/daughter. And this one will be short. The story starts when the MC comes home from school to find that no one is apartment home. The MC goes to his/her uncle's apartment to stay just as he is heading out. He tells the MC that he is off to do some errands but actually is off to a meeting with villians who, now that there is no sign of the Superheroes are planning on overruning the city with villians. He returns at night after a heist and stealing a couple of things as well as a medallian. Throwing the bag on the sofa the medallion necklace falls inside the MC's bookbag. And is found the next day when the MC skips school. She/he puts it on and discovers it has powers. And well you can guess where this is going. She becomes a superhero.

[credit:] KMAyala @  NaNoWriMo

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