Monday, April 1, 2013

PLOT: Lipstick killer


2011 NaNo attempt. I know I'll never write it.

Nothing ever happened in Hempdell, until some lunatic decided to start killing young women and dump their bodies at various local docks, applying a fresh coat of bright red lipstick to them before disappearing until the next time.

Oliver Conway, the detective inspector for Hempdell Valley, has no experience in leading a murder investigation, head office are offering no help and the investigation has no leads to go on.

Even as the investigation falls to pieces, Conway becomes increasingly convinced that a local shop-owner is the killer. There is no evidence for it, no motive that he can find – the man even had alibis! Yet Conway remains sure of his suspicion that he has found the Lipstick Killer. He sets out on a lone mission to prove it, a mission that will prove to have devastating consequences...

In my head, the actual Lipstick Killer is the local shop-owner's younger sister, who is getting revenge on the girls that bullied her in school. She uses lipstick that she steals from his shop, which is what leads Conway to the shop-owner. You can take or leave that twist.

 [credit:] Prof.Becket @ NaNoWriMoMy

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