Sunday, April 7, 2013

PLOT: Stalker

- Beach (ish)

- Works @ a Bar/club/restaurant as a singer? dancer? waitress?

- 1st: one of the patrons that comes in often & has a thing for MC is killed. They find his body on the beach. (dont realize at this point that it has anything to do with her)

- starts getting weird presents? goes to police but they can't/don't do anything. (first meets Detective)

- 2nd: boyfriend gets attacked? Nothing serious so he leaves her. (Detective takes a more keen interest but still doesn't have anything solid to go on)

- 3rd: best friend/roommate gets killed? Detective comes into the picture more permanently, starts to protect her.

Come to find out it's female bartender at work. She's obsessed with MC (love? or friendship?) wants to get everyone close to MC away from her so its just the two of them.

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