Saturday, April 6, 2013

PLOT: "No Escape"

FMC is victim of a serial killer. She is the only to one to have made it out alive, but her face was badly burned/mutilated in the process. She had to have many major reconstructive surgeries to correct her face, but does not look the same as she used to. Using that to her advantage since the killer was never found, she also changes her name and starts completely over somewhere new.

A year later, she has some sort of close encounter with a man. Somehow he gets close enough to her for some sort of scent to trigger her memory of the attack and even though she never saw the face of her attacker, she knows without a doubt its him. She doesn't think he recognized her, but now she's scared to death. What does she do? Does she go to the police even though she doesn't have any proof and risk him finding out who she is? Or does she ignore it; pretend like it never happened and go on with her new life?

Then she has another encounter with the man. Turns out he's the new [  ?  ] in town and she'll have to see him on a daily basis.

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