Friday, April 5, 2013

CHARACTER: Olive "Olly" Starr

Olive "Olly" Starr
22 years old Has long dirty blonde hair, dark brown eyes, and a heart shaped birthmark on her left shoulder blade. She is 1/4 korean.
Olly never wears jeans, she owns two pairs of Stich onesies she bought off eBay, and enjoys hanging out with boys way too much for it to be healthy. She is very direct with people, to the point where, should a boy be ridiculous enough to say something like "I saw you underwear", she'd probably reply with "Yeah, it's pink, want a better look?". Olly likes to say that her brain is a slut, but her body is not; she is often found to be a bit rude, and is highly unapologetic about it.

[credit:] luthy @ NaNoWriMo

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