Thursday, April 4, 2013


Cassie, age 13/14-ish
Self-absorbed, romanticizes everything especially things morbid, especially suicide. Enjoys planning glamorous methods of suicide but never has any intention of going through with it. She doesn't talk much but is vain and puts a lot of effort into her appearance. She wears a lot of pastel pink. One of her hobbies is writing long letters to people that she will never deliver, just keeps in her notebook that is especially for her letters. She might write letters to her family or a close friend but usually they're to a stranger she hardly knows and has never talked to, or even someone she sees randomly passing on the street who she will never see again, but she comes up with a detailed idea of who this person is and becomes attached to them and writes letters to them. She really likes sparkles. She wears these ridiculous fake eyelashes that are lined with rhinestones. on the lashline if you know what I mean? In my story I started writing about her she burns down her own house thinking oh won't that be fun but then it ends up being sort of a reality check for her, but that's all optional.

[credit:] BonnieGrace @ NaNoWriMo

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